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Best SIPP: Build a low cost DIY pension - by MoneySavingExpert

If you want to take more control of the money you´re saving for retirement, a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) might be right for you.  SIPPs are DIY or personal pensions which allow you to choose your own investments. Our guide looks at the key need-to-knows plus platforms you could try.

27 October 2022

Best SIPP: Build a low cost DIY pension - (MoneySavingExpert

How To Retire Rich and Early In Today´s Market (In 4 Simple Steps?)   

Okay...Of course , the title and article are sarcasm, before you think we are believing in "get rich quick" schemes. Nonetheless, what the article points out is fact. And extremely interesting and intriguing. Over last eight months, the SPX has rallied 36%, but on an unusual schedule: essentially all of the upside has happened outside of US trading hours (+38%), and on Mondays and Wednesdays (+31%).

16 December 2020 

Retail vs Hedge Fund Returns: Who Wins?

When it comes to stock investing, retail investors are outperforming the "smart money".  Although it is widely known that 95 % of retail day-traders lose money trading, when we look at investing as opposed to trading, they are clear winners. At least because of the following phenomenon:  a basket of 50 most popular stocks held by the retail investing community is up a whopping 55% YTD.  See article below to find out more.

13 November 2020 

Sipp contributions rise up to 35% during the pandemic

Figures from Interactive Investor, published this morning (November 4), showed among 30-39 year olds there was a 35 per cent increase in the average value of Sipp contributions between January and October 2020, compared with the same period last year.

In comparison, 40-49 year olds saw the value of contributions increase by 18 per cent but the rise among those nearing retirement age (50-55) was smaller, at 7 per cent. Follow the link below to read the article.

4 November 2020

"I Ditched Day Trading for a Sipp"

Private investor Chris Brown got his fingers burned while day trading so he now takes a longer term approach, backing tech and cloud stocks in his Sipp.

He is working in IT and cloud computing which has led him to invest heavily in this area and this has so far proved to be a profitable move, with his Sipp portfolio up by 45% in just under three years. Follow the link below to read the article.

9 September 2020