About the trader behind SIPP

About the trader


I am currently NOT a financial advisor nor an investment manager and I do not hold myself out to be one nor do I offer any services of that kind.  I am merely a private individual showing my SIPP account which you can follow for your own learning. You do so entirely at your own risk. Please read our full disclaimer!


Every trader needs to have an edge and be able to define his or hers. An edge is something like a technique or approach which creates a (statistical) advantage over other market participants, just enough to make the game of probability work slightly in the trader´s favor.

So what is mine? Let me tell you this: NO truly successful trader will ever share his edge in detail with anyone, because the FX market is a negative sum game. If the edge gets proliferated to many traders, it will simply lose its power and cease to be an edge. So you can from now on straight away ignore the many thousands of fake trading educators who are teaching you a losing strategy. As for my edge, it is to be found in: